Saturday, March 20, 2010


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Spots of sunshine glimmer through the darkness, signifying a glimpse of hope along the way.

It’s your face I see, floating among the small circles of light.

Memories from a time we once shared become most prominent in the midst of these trying times.

My confidante, my friend, my pal – you were my soul mate from a time once known but no longer experienced.

Now, I reminisce; I daydream; I ruminate over our silly childish ways – the countless number of hours we spent with not a care in the world – we were free.

Two souls merged into one – inseparable – both very different yet completely compatible in the same instance.

I look back; I mentally follow each of our memorable footsteps until each one slowly leads to our separation and departure.

What occurred is truly only known by He who created us, introduced us, brought us close, and drew us apart, yet I stand firm in my belief that I could have made things different.

I had the power to keep us together.

Continuing memories was the power I held a firm grip on until one day, that grip began to loosen.

I could’ve stood up for you.

We could still be riding, bareback, through the woods; we could still be soaking up sun by the dam; and furthermore, we could still be building on a friendship that could’ve withstood a lifetime of hardships.

We could still be – soul mates – inseparable, the sunshine in the other’s darkest day, the light at the end of the tunnel; we could still be together, maybe not as before, but close enough to count.

But, even though friendships fade and soul mates divide from two into one, the memories we made shall forever remain – etched into the safest corners of my being – to look upon as needed.

You still bring a smile to my face; you place a song in my heart; you give me the will to look forward to another day and hope for the excitement it may bring.

Memories of what once was – memories which wouldn’t have been created without your presence – are the types of memories that lead me to continue believing soul mates are a reality and a true bond with another individual can exist.

If our separation is a necessity, continue to exist; exist, if not for your children, exist simply for knowing that somewhere, someone is thinking of you.

I miss you, and throughout all that we’ve been through on our same and different paths, I love you. God bless you.

kids.jpg kids holding hands image by CrimsynMoonlight
“Hold a true friend close and don’t let go, for a true friend comes once in a lifetime” – Unknown

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