Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Treat Others How you Wish to be Treated + Or There Will Be Consequences - BFF 161


In Church, we are taught there is no such thing as Karma - at least in Church of Christ. There are two paths you can go down. It was pointed out to me once in the Bible.
Now, don't get me wrong, I'm no expert on the Bible by no means. I've always felt sort of... out of place in Church. A little personal history - I was raised in Church of Christ and still tend to go back there on occasion (probably not as often as I should).
But, I've been taught through personal Bible lessons by the preacher who was sent to my home by my family with the intentions of getting me back in Church on a regular basis, that there is no such thing as Karma. There are two paths you can choose to go down, but you can't go down both. You can either go down the straight and narrow path, which is the one he wanted to convince me to go down. It's the one that doesn't seem as fun at first but promises eternal life with Christ.
The second...
... well that seems to be the one I default to every time.
It's broad.
It's full of all those fun things Jesus doesn't want for us, but the devil does.
When I say fun, I mean those things that lead us to what everyone sees as "karma." In the end, they're not as fun as you once found them to be. Many of them have consequences. Some of us escape many of the consequences. Some of us don't escape any of them. Some of us manage to dodge a few consequences, but the ones that we do receive hurt like hell.
Some of us care. Some of us don't. Some of us pretend not to care, but when all is said and done, we do.
Even the ones, fresh out of prison, who talk about how they found Jesus while incarcerated and are going to turn their lives around, care for at least a second or two. Unfortunately, when presented with the real world minus the confinement of bars, they tend to forget how they felt when they got their first taste of freedom upon their sentence end.
"Karma" is just a short, twisted sort of way to say "treat others how you wish to be treated." The word "karma" just adds in the "or there will be consequences" part of that line. Unfortunately, everyone uses the line "treat others how you wish to be treated," but there are only a rare few who live by it.


Jo said...

I think many live by it, it's the ones who don't that get all the attention. :)

Darlene ~Bloggity Blogger~ said...

IMHO, karma is just a word used to say that we reap what we sow. I know some fundamental Christians who would be horrified by the use of the word and call it new age, but there's nothing new age about it. Better to call it ancient wisdom.

Wonderful blog, Rachelle.