Monday, June 16, 2014

Happily Ever Afters - Blogophilia 17.7

Lust... they say its consequence is Hell. 

She sees him standing there, eyes focused solely on her. The moonlight shows perfectly every little detail of the muscles in his arms, his shoulders.... she dreams to be wrapped tightly in them. His mouth slightly curls up on one side - that tingling half smile he flashes. She finds herself lost in him. 

She waits for him to speak. Internally, she begs and pleads for him to speak to her. It doesn't have to be much - a hi or hello would suffice. Either way, she's dreaming he sweeps her off her feet, much like the fairy tales of Prince Charming and his white horse. 

He comes closer. Her breathing becomes noticeably heavy. Hearts pounding faster. He stares at the beauty before him. Both his eyes were dazzled as he stood. 

He reaches for her. She holds out her hand in return, pleading for him to take it, never letting go... He is amazing. Every word, every breath, every glance in her direction... 

Then she wakes. Please say it isn't so. Dreaming that lust will soon lead to more. Her Prince Charming. Until the dream becomes reality, she will continue creating her own version of happily ever after.

Blogophilia Week 17.7 Topic: Please Say It Isn't So
Bonus Points:
(Hard, 2 points) Use a line from Tennyson's Morte D'Arthur
(Easy, 1 point) Mention one of the 7 deadly sins

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