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These days, our world revolves around social networking and the problems and issues that go along with it. Let’s face it, how much crap have we really allowed ourselves to get dragged into when engaging in social networking activities? Employers now view these different pages before making crucial decisions like whether or not to hire an individual. Parents snoop to find out what the reality is about their children, their extracurricular activities, and their sex lives or lack thereof.

Seeing as how social networking plays a large role in the everyday lives of people all over the world, I’m presenting you with some of the common annoyances, or maybe not so common but simply my own annoyances.

1. Married versus single – with a married status comes great privileges when it comes to profile pictures.

You can post a picture of you and your husband making out as your profile pic on MySpace/Facebook, yet if I post one of me doing the same thing with some random guy, or girl for that matter, I’m criticized. Let’s be real here. Those two hoes are doing the same thing, yet I may not get a job because I’m doing it with a random person. So, next time I plan on making out with a random individual and photographing it for purposes of profile pictures, I’ll make sure to change my status to “in a relationship” or “married” in order to please you hypocritical individuals. :)

2. Let me get this straight, you’ve changed your status to angry simply because I didn’t respond to your 15 instant messages or 20 e-mails that you just sent me 5 minutes ago?

I have seriously had this happen to me! Don’t play, you have too. I’m sorry. Here in Rachelle world, bathroom breaks are a must. I’m not sure what type of deranged planet you live on where the inhabitants have steel bladders, but here in Rachelle land, we MUST take bathroom breaks at certain intervals. And maybe, just maybe, if I didn’t respond to the fifteen e-mails or what not that you sent me, you should probably just get the hint and leave me the hell alone. Just a suggestion. :)

3. Remember when you let your friend take pictures of you after you put back about 20 beers and a bottle of vodka? Yea, it’s on Facebook now.

You know what, if I’m taking pictures, chances are they are going online at some point in time. That’s, of course, as long as I’m clothed in all the pictures and look halfway decent. I don’t really care what you look like in them. If you don’t want me posting pictures of you online somewhere for whatever reason, then don’t let me take the picture in the first place. You whine, and I’ll “face-in-hole” your photo on the worst possible picture I can find, and make a blog out of it. :)

4. Bras versus bikinis. What’s the difference?

Okay, that was just a little unpleasant rather than amusing. Okay I was told once that it’s okay for me to post pictures of me in my bathing suit, yet it’s inappropriate for me to post pictures of me in my bra and underwear. First of all, have you seen bathing suits and undergarments side by side lately? They are very similar if not exactly the same. Again, this was one of those “you might not get a job if” kind of things. Don’t get me wrong, I’d never post a picture of myself in either one, much less let anyone see me that way during a sober moment. Unfortunately, I’m not near as comfortable with my momma body as the lady in the above picture seems to be.

5. Why confront someone who’s made you angry or hurt your feelings when you can just message them on Facebook?

People who have my phone number have been known to send me messages on Facebook or MySpace to “discuss” issues. When I say discuss, I truly mean chew me out for no good reason or confront me on something. I could tell you to grow something, but you wouldn’t listen anyway. I’ve also been the receiver of a message or two that plainly stated “if you have something to say to me, say it to my face.” Gee, mam, now why would I go and do that when you have so sweetly made it clear that you would rather go about this through a computer screen. I’m just sayin.

6. Thank you sir, but sorry, you can’t have my phone number.

You don’t know me, I don’t know you, yet you feel the necessity to send me your personal telephone number along with a message about how we should hang out sometime. Thankfully, I get a break from this mess on Facebook thanks to it’s setup where random people can’t just browse who all is online at a specific time. MySpace, on the other hand, is completely different unless you change your profile to have it not show when you’re online, and that doesn’t even work to keep the losers away half the time. Of course, I mean losers in the most positive way possible. :)

7. Too many social networking sites confuse me.

Yes, I do get confused easily. Passwords and usernames everywhere! And unfortunately, in my times of boredom in the past, I have created an account on about half of all social networking sites. And thanks to this picture, I’ve just learned of a new one where I am not a member. Don’t ask me why I do it. I guess I wanna be famous for having the most social networking accounts possible. Why can’t we just have one single site that links us to every account at one log-in? If someone knows of a site like this, it’d be wonderful to hear about it. I’m quite annoyed with logging into Hi5 once every few months and having people chew me out because I haven’t been on in a while. Thank you, have a nice day. :)

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