Friday, January 13, 2012

Monkey See, Monkey Do - I Vote Nurture

Tabula rasa could be simply put as the nurture side of the nature versus nurture argument.

Recently, I wrote a paper arguing that the nurture side of the argument determines how we choose to behave throughout our lives. In each person I interviewed for the purpose of this paper, their responses showed they behave in ways their parents did rather than in ways their parents told them to behave. It is my belief, that if your mother was flighty and went any way the wind blows, you have a higher chance of behaving in that same way throughout your life.

Recently, I had a discussion with my parents regarding how I was raised compared to how I live my life now, with the word "discussion" being used lightly. Without going into too much personal detail, I have found that my desire for increase, success, and my high ambition came from how both my parents chose to behave around me and toward me during my childhood. While this sounds like it was a positive way to raise me, it seems to have backfired as my parents tell me I "should" do this or "should" behave this way when I do something that goes against what they want for me, but yet is the way I observed them behave as a child.

What I'm finding time and time again is that it does not amount to crap when you tell your children something if you're showing them something different. You are your child's role model. Telling them one thing while behaving in the complete opposite way, no matter what the topic, doesn't work and never will. "Do as I say, not as I do" is crap.

And on that note, I'll simply close with one change always leaves the wya open for the establishment of others by Machiavelli. Seems to fit, and after the events of tonight, I think some need to read this and understand it.

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tobyjust said...

I feel your anger Rachelle and I do agree that we see conforming as we have seen our parents would react as a compliment to them.. but when their desire to nurture and alter this, with the intention of improving what they would have done, only amounts to them rebuking your compliment, which comes across as a slap in the face. Your words provoke a lot of thought.. I like your blog very much..

Rachelle said...

Thank you. It was a very emotional day yesterday to say the least. lol

liam said...

kids learn what they see not what their told to.
with a few exceptions, there are kids who see the...way they dont want to turn out and then strive to be better than their parents.
I like to consider myself nothing like either one of my parents at least not like they were when they had me.

Anonymous said...

This anonymous person is actually me... Marvin Martan :)

LOL! I'd say that the title of your blog is quite appropriate.

8 points, Earthling!! :D

Anonymous said...

Marvin Martian here again :) I submitted my comment but forgot to added that I'm glad to see you writing this week!! We've missed you!! :)

Anonymous said...

Ehhh! *ADD* is what I meant to put. This is what happens when I'm watching TV at the same time when I comment. I guess I'm not good at

Rachelle said...

Gracias, Marvin. :)