Monday, May 26, 2014

Steel toe boots, college, and bedtime stories.

Maybe you can tell me how a love so right can turn out to be so wrong. 

Thinking back on stories told before bed, I cannot recall any personally. My thoughts immediately turn to stories about Princesses, big fancy castles, Kings, Queens, and some lucky girl's happily ever after. 

And then we find ourselves kissing frogs to see which ones turns out to be our prince. There's no one to blame for this, but ourselves. I cannot imagine any loving parent telling their child bedtime stories about how they have to kiss frogs in order to find a prince. Yet, I find it hard to believe that a bunch of black cats are crossing the paths of little girls everywhere leading to the kissing of thousands of frogs. It makes you wonder what sort of bedtime stories we were told that make a pasture of manure smell like a field of tulips or roses. 

What once felt like a love that would last forever turns into what I would assume would be a relationship that could be easily diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder - first I rise, then I fall. 

Maybe it's time, as parents, that we change our bedtime stories to reality. It's time little girls start squishing the frogs with steel toe boots, then changing into comfortable shoes to hike across a college campus before bed. 

Picture word/phrase guess: field of tulips

Blogophilia Week 14.7 Topic: Bedtime Stories
Bonus Points:
(Hard, 2 points) Include a black cat crossing your path
(Easy, 1 point)  Incorporate a Bee Gee's lyric


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Michael Todd said...

You are going to make a lot of friends with this revolutionary overview... well, the bullfrog lovers may squawk a little...

Nice to see you out and about.