Thursday, November 13, 2014

Take chances, fall in love, enjoy life.

Life is short.
Take chances.
Love with everything you've got. 
Be vulnerable. 
Fall in love. 
Get your heart broken, 
Then fall in love again. 
Make those mistakes and take something new from each one. 
Cherish each moment. 
They're all numbered, and you can't have any of them when you're gone.
You can't take anything or anyone with you. 
Enjoy everything and everyone you have.
Make mistakes, learn something new.
Fall down, but get up and try again. 
Let your guard down some. 
And your hair. 
Wear your heart on your sleeve, but shield it with your faith. 
Let people know what you think, and feel, but do so with love.
You may not be able to tell them tomorrow.
Feel love, anger, sadness, but feel something, anything. 
Feel pain, and know that it won't last forever. 
Forgive everyone - they're just like you - only doing the best they can with what they've got.
If you want to do it, make a plan and get it done, whatever it may be.
Unless you want to kill someone - don't do that. 
Care for yourself in the healthiest and best ways you know how.
Don't sweat the small stuff - the small stuff will always be there, you won't.

And above all else, wear sunscreen. ;) 

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